[Me-Made-May 13] day 25 – ste Sophie :D

Yes! for those of you with a Catholic background, it’s St Sophie’s Day (that’s me!), at least in France. I wonder if the calendar changes elsewhere..

Anyway, today I’m wearing my Washi dress again (already worn on day 6), but I followed your advice and added a little touch colour. It’s not overwhelming I know, but it’s a start. I used one of the embroidery stitches on my new Janome sewing machine, with red thread. I already like the dress a little more! Have a great weekend..




[Me-Made-May 13] day 6

Today: Made by Rae Washi Dress with no maternity adjustments!

Made some time ago (a couple of months I think), I started with a kind of wearable muslin. I had bought this fabric with the idea of making a pyjama set. The drape is perfect for this pattern, but a little dull.
The pattern is the well-known Washi Dress from Made By Rae – you have probably seen some beautiful renditions of this dress as it allows you to play with printed fabrics. I cut a size XL, according to my bust measurements and it fits perfectly well. It’s a very comfy dress with plenty of room for my belly, still true now at nearly 8 months of pregnancy. Which makes me think this style might not be the best for me in “normal” time 🙂 , unless you use a very soft fabric with lots of drape.
It was my first time using shirring and it’s really very easy plus it means there are no closures to bother with, so it’s a very quick make. So quick that I made a second one the weekend after this one. The fabric is stiffer, it’s a medium weight cotton.
My wearable muslin will be very nice to wear once the days actually get warmer (spring is having a hard time here) but it lacks something: I think it looks a little like a nightgown. So I need your help: what do you think I could add to this dress to brighten it up?

mmm13 day 6


[sewing] Made by Rae Washi dress & a request to pattern designers

I’ve started working on the Washi dress by Rae, thinking it could fit my growing belly. I haven’t actually started any sewing, but yesterday I did cut my fabric – not feeling too fond of this fabric so we’ll see it might become a wearable muslin.
Obviously my body has changed a lot since last autumn: I painfully realised it this week when I tried my Cambie dress to see if I could make another one with minor adjustments. Apparently I can’t! Thankfully my hips and backside have not grown but I couldn’t even zip the damn dress and I still couldn’t breathe properly. I know many of you will think “what exactly was she expecting?”. It’s hard to get used to a body that is changing so quickly when it took me years to acknowledge the one I live in. The result is that I have mixed feelings about engaging in bigger maternity projects like dresses (I have adapted trousers to maternity wear, it works great and I’ll soon show your the results).


Anyway, I’m not here to ramble about growing bodies but just to make a request to pattern designers: could you please indicate clearly on the pattern pieces whether or not the seam allowance is included and if so, how much is it? It took me ages yesterday to find the info for the Made by Rae Washi dress. It’s not even on the first page of the pdf pattern! I mean, I’m already supposed to print the stuff, so it’s my ink I’m going to spend: why not type it down on the pattern pieces?
Thanks, I feel better now! Have a great weekend 🙂