[knitting] a little update

oh dear, this section of my poor blog is completely abandoned! and let’s not talk about my Ravelry project page 🙁

A few years ago, I used to compile lots of information on both this blog and my Ravelry page and it was very useful for me: I knew which size of needles I used for which yarn, etc. And I miss having this info, so I’m trying now to give myself a little kick in the backside and come here more often. I’m going to set myself a challenge: I will try to come here a least every two days once the little one is in bed. I have no excuse not to spend some 20 minutes on my blog!

Let’s say I do this until the end of the year (December I mean). I don’t know if it will work, but at least I’m going to try. Everybody says blogging is dead. I don’t know if it’s true, but if that’s the case then it’s sad because I’ve learned so much from blogs!

Anyway, let’s keep it short and get to the heart of the subject: a little update on my knitting.

I’v recently finished knitting my raglan seed stitch jumper and I will not talk anymore about it since I think it needs a proper post with photos.

I’m back on my Miriam Cardi (by Carrie Bostick Hoge). I knitted it last year but due to its 3/4 length sleeve, it never really fitted in my wardrobe. So I’m lengthening the sleeves to have full length ones.

I still have the Polwarth jumper by Ysolda that is close to completion and staying in the basket of shame. I don’t have enough yarn (despite having the correct amount per the pattern) and since it as uniquely hand dyed, I have to think of a way to finish the jumper anyway!

After that, I’d like to knit another Folded by Veera VĂ€limaki. I really love the first one I knitted in 2011 and I really need another one. I’ll be using yarn by the same brand – Holst Garn – but in Coast and in deep blue. I initially planned to use this yarn on the Moroccan Nights, but after two failed attempts, I think it needs to be used somewhere else.

So for now I’m knitting on the Miriam Cardi, it’s pretty mindless as I’m going round and round on the sleeves!

I’ll leave you for now and I’m planning to be back soon! and if I’m not back in the next couple of days, you can yell at me :p


[Me-Made-May 13] day 11

It’s cold and rainy today, max 15° C and I’ve caught a cold, so I’m layering garments and pulling handknits out of the wardrobe. And adding somme cuddly time on the sofa with my cat Groquick. He is in a way wearing a me-made: his favorite handknit blanket, which is the Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown, in Cascade Eco Wool, finished in september 2011.


Perfect opportunity to blog about this cardigan knitted last autumn- I’m a little behind on blogging about my handknitting! It’s the Water and Stone cardigan by Veera VĂ€limĂ€ki and the yarn is Cascade Lana d’Oro, a mix of alpaca and wool very nice to knit with. The pattern on the contrary was really a pain to work with: I’m not exactly a beginner knitter anymore and I do have some experience in technical editing and oh boy, this pattern really should be edited for clarity. Some parts of the pattern seem to be deliberately complex, making it an advanced pattern when it isn’t technically difficult. With our knitting group we had chosen this pattern as our knitalong for 2012 and deeply regret it: one of us has even unraveled hers. All of us had already encountered problems with this designer, which is a pity since her designs are really nice.

Anyway I decided to finish it and add some missing elements: pockets and a closure system – what’s the point of having a nice and warm cardigan if you can’t even close it! I’ve worn it a lot this winter but we’ll still chose another designer for our next KAL.


[knitting] En cours…

I haven’t spent a lot of time on this blog lately, mainly because I’m away for work during the week and the weekends have been busy recently: hardwood floors to do in one of our bedrooms, huge family gatherings a few hours drive from home etc. This and the necessary adaption to my new work schedule – switching from indoors computer work to outdoors physical work – means that I’m knackered comes the end of the day. It’s so hard to pick up the needles! I must have knit less than half an inch last week on my Different Lines Shawl. I know they’re the longest rows, but still.

So I’m slogging on this shawl and would really like to start something else: this shawl has to be finished by the end of the week! I’ll let you know how it turns out.