[knitting] Chevron Socks

I’m back with a pair of socks, knitted rather quickly, considering my current productivity, because these were part of a test knit. Yes, what was I thinking about, I already had lots of wips and the deadline was pretty close but when I saw the call for testers, I just couldn’t resist 🙂 It’s probably because the designer of these socks is a very skilled knitter and she has good taste! Go and check her Ravelry page or her blog, you’ll see what I mean. Apart from the chevron pattern, made of knits and purls, what drew me to this pattern are the slipped stitches used at the back of the heel but also on each side. It’s very useful for these who tend to have holes on the malleola (you know, the two bony bumps of the tibia and fibula, where it’s very painful when you bang into something). The same reinforcement system is used under the metatarso-phalangeal joint (sorry, my job is popping up) to prevent holes under the foot.


I don’t usually need so many reinforcements in my socks – just the one at the back of the heel – because I only wear my socks at home: my feet are very large and it’s already a pain to find the right size of shoes, I can’t afford to add layers or thickness to my feet 🙂 That being said, slipped stitches are not useful only for reinforcement, they’re also very efficient in the fitting, the sock stays in place really well thanks to the slipped stitches section.


I like participating in test knitting as it’s a nice way to discover new designers and with uncia, you won’t be disappointed: the pattern is very clear, well written and I didn’t encounter any problem. During the test knitting itself, other testers commented on the pattern and helped with minor errors or unclear sentences to make sur every knitter has a very accurate pattern. The discussion with the designer was simple and quick, despite the difference in time zones because she is India!


For this test, I treated myself to a skein of Malabrigo Sock yarn in Ravelry Red (always tricky to photograph). As I didn’t have much time, I directly went to a yarn shop – very unusual for me – and it was a great opportunity to visit a yarn shop which opened last year. She sells Malabrigo and Drops yarn among other brands : Mère Cerise. This nice shop is located in Lambersart (close to Lille) and the address is 364 avenue de Dunkerque. If you live nearby and you haven’t had the chance to visit, go and have a look, the shop owner is very friendly.


Nothing special occurred during the knitting, apart from the fact that I had a had time remembering the chevron pattern. If I knit these socks again, I’ll move the slipped stitches part of the under foot away from the toes, since it’s not exactly under the joint.


If someday you’re interested in participating in a test knit, there is a very active Ravelry group, listing numerous ongoing tests you can sign up for. The group is well organised and curated and before you commit to the test knit, you can have plenty of information on the type of project, the difficulty and of course the deadline.

[Me-Made-May] 13 day 28

Only a few more days before the end of the month! There are many repeats in my outfits these days, but I don’t think it really matters, I’m doing my best under the circumstances: today I’m wearing the same bright yellow t-shirt as day 3.



But I preferred to show you my feet because 1. I have only managed to sleep one hour the past night and you can see it on my face (how come you can’t stock up on sleep before the birth??) and 2. I’ve just finished knitting these great socks. They’re the Asymmetrical Cables Socks by Cookie A. from the book Sock Knitting Master Class and the yarn is the wonderful Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock. I’m not overwhelmed by the pattern, the cables look nice, but I have some other socks that I like a lot more than these. However the yarn is great: thick, squishy and with a high twist – it’s a  pity it’s so expensive!


[Me-Made-May13] day 13

Socks today! still rather cold for a month of May and apparently the forecast isn’t any better for the next 10 days… So handknits again, a little meh this time. These are Stealth Argyles Socks by Eunny Jang, from the book Sock Knitting Masterclass. I really like the colour combination when I bought the book, and decided to knit these socks with the exact same colours. This is really unfrequent for me, I tend to change everything in a pattern, starting from the colour and the yarn. So the yarn here is Malabrigo sock, very nice to knit with. The pattern uses shadow knitting, which means that a pattern appears when you change your point of view on the socks. Of course it was a pain to knit, but the result is fun. However, the gauge is way too lose for socks (my gauge was spot on so it’s a problem with the pattern) and as they’re nearly knee high, they keep bunching on my heels. I hardly ever wear them….




Un peu de couleur : Zauberball !

 Quand j’ai vu cette pelote sur le site Laine et Tricot, j’ai tout de suite craquĂ© : de la laine Ă  chaussettes pleine de couleurs, que demander de mieux ? Grâce Ă  Madame Catherine qui est allĂ© en vrai chez GwĂ©nola la chanceuse, cette pelote Ă©tait mienne (avec quelques autres Ă©videmment).

J’adore le cĂ´tĂ© arc-en-ciel de la Zauberball, mais c’Ă©tait un peu trop pour moi, et comme j’adore les rayures, j’ai intercalĂ© de la laine noire toute bĂŞte (Annell Super Extra) tous les 4 rangs et aussi pour la pointe, le talon et les cĂ´tes du mollet. 

Beautiful self-striping sock yarn! But as I like well defined stripes, I popped in 4 rows of plain black sock yarn

Un vrai plaisir Ă  tricoter avec ce changement de couleurs, 4 rangs c’est un rythme pas mal du tout, pas trop long pour ne pas s’ennuyer et pas trop court pour ne pas changer de couleur Ă  chaque rang, ce qui est lĂ©gèrement pĂ©nible.

Le talon est en rangs raccourcis, une technique que je n’avais pas utilisĂ© depuis longtemps, notamment parce que mes derniers essais avaient donnĂ© un talon trop serrĂ©. J’ai donc lu avec attention les deux post de Eskimimi qui tombaient Ă  point nommĂ© ; elle y raconte sa façon de tricoter les chaussettes en deux parties : un et deux.

I did short row heels, a technique I hadn’t used in ages, encouraged by Eskimimi’s posts on socks: part one and two.

Elle fait aussi la pointe en rangs raccourcis avec montage provisoire, je pense tenter un essai sur la prochaine paire (qui devrait aussi ĂŞtre en Zauberball). 

She also works the toes in short rows with a provisional cast on, I’ll probably try this on my next pair of socks (also planned in Zauberball).