[sewing] Sewing Lessons #1 and #2

This year I’ve decided to take sewing lessons at l’Atelier sur le Fil with Rébécca. I’ll be joining 8 other ladies on their 2nd year, and working on 1st year projects too. Lessons take place every tuesday from 8 to 10 pm.


Here are the fabrics chosen for the class projects : a kind of chambray for the skirt, with darts already pinned. Top right, the fabrics for my bag: black for the outside and pink for the inside

On my first lesson, I came unprepared and didn’t have all the right stuff such as pattern paper and a ruler. It brought bak to my mind memories of school year when you don’t really fit in! Thankfully, I was ready for the 2nd lesson and had everything on hand.



My class stuff

The first project for the 2nd year is a lined tote bag and I will do a 1st year project too: a simple A-line skirt. Other ladies have also started tracing a buttoned blouse pattern and I hope to join them soon. It’s great to be able to meet other sewing enthusiasts, to see different creations from the same pattern and to have some time for myself during the week! yes mister dad works far away and I have to do 80% of the “work” at home and caring for our daughter, so it’s a welcome creative break 🙂

[sewing] My little rabbit

Here are a couple of things I’ve sewn for my little girl, she seems to be outgrowing all of her clothes at the same time! I’ve planned lots and lots of things and the latest Ottobre magazine (3/2015) is full of beautiful clothes to make.

Amidst this verrrry long list, I’ve chosen a little skirt with rabbits in appliqué and a hat. We’re going to have a heat wave in the next few days, so it’s perfect timing! The skirt and the hat are made with the same two fabrics, coming from Catherine (merci !), all very pink: a flowery print in cotton and a very bright pink in linen. The last one has been used for the inside of the hat.



Ottobre 4/2013 #5



Ottobre 4/2013 #5 pink rabbits!

Nothing very complex here, stitching the appliqué took ages but it was rather easy. This skirt is just a rectangle with shirring, so the construction itself is not a problem.



Ottobre 4/2013 #5 More pink rabbits! and pink grass!

To go with this skirt and to celebrate the delayed arrival of my latest issue of the Ottobre magazine, I’ve sewn a little hat from this issue. I’ve never made anything so quickly after receiving my subscription! Received yesterday and during nap time today, I traced, cut and sewed this cute little hat. It will be perfect for the nursery tomorrow.


Ottobre 3/2015 #13

As the weather was rather good this afternoon, I managed to snatch a couple of pictures of my little model:


Ottobre 3/2015 #13 sunshine! and no I’ve not made this dress



Ottobre 3/2015 #13



Ottobre 4/2013 #5 Worn with class and furry slippers..

  • The skirt

pattern : Ottobre 4/2013 number 5, size 86 – fabric : cotton print and solid colour linen, all from Catherine’s stash – modifications: none

  • The hat

pattern : Ottobre 3/2015 number 13 “Forget-me-not”, size 50 cm – fabric : cotton print and solid colour linen, all from Catherine’s stash – modifications: none

See you soon!


[Me-Made-May 13] day 30

Last 2 days of the challenge!! I’m glad that I’ve managed to wear me-mades every day, even if I haven’t posted photos of them every time. Today is another version of the Simplicity 2451 skirt worn on days 4 and 21. It’s in stretch cotton sateen, with tiny beige dots on a white background – so small you can’t see them for this far. Again the pattern is modified for pregnancy by replacing the yoke by a stretchy waistband made out of an old tee, omitting the zipper, lowering the front “yoke” seam. Most comfy!



[Me-Made-May 13] day 4

bare legs today! Not that it’s that warm, but hey, it’s May! The pattern is modified from Simplicity 2451. I don’t have the enveloppe, it was published in a magazine called Tendances Couture (n° 4 to be precise), certainly one of the ugliest sewing patterns magazines available! If you read any French, go and have a look at Sakiko’s hilarious reviews here, here, here and here. And if you think Burda magazine’s pattern sheets are crammed with information, try this one: very few colours and the markings are in German – yes in German for the French edition… Anyway, it’s cheap and I buy it only when there are at least 3 patterns I like, so it’s really a bargain!

So this is view C, without the waistband of course: I replaced it with a large knit band (15 cm once folded) and an elastic encased, it is soooo comfortable to wear. For the knitband I used the bottom part of a thrifted t-shirt, it’s perfect: you can try the t-shirt before, see if it fits the belly and cut! I’ve already sewn another one 🙂 One day when my waist has returned, I’ll sew view B with the buttons on either sides and the pockets!

me-made-may 13 day 4