[knitting] A come back!

Knitting for little ones

*dusts around and removes the cobwebs* anyone still around?? phew it’s been a loooooong time, a little over four and a half months since I posted here. Let’s say I’ve kept myself busy.. My little girl is growing well and already making good progress: it’s great to see her grow and learn new stuff such […]

19th October 2013

[Me-Made-May] 13 day 28

Knitting for grown-ups, Me-Made-Months

Only a few more days before the end of the month! There are many repeats in my outfits these days, but I don’t think it really matters, I’m doing my best under the circumstances: today I’m wearing the same bright yellow t-shirt as day 3.   But I preferred to show you my feet because […]

28th May 2013