[knitting] A come back!


*dusts around and removes the cobwebs* anyone still around??
phew it’s been a loooooong time, a little over four and a half months since I posted here. Let’s say I’ve kept myself busy.. My little girl is growing well and already making good progress: it’s great to see her grow and learn new stuff such as laughing, grabbing toys and rolling over. Especially after the first couple of months when I wondered if anything was happening behind those blue eyes. I think I was quite well prepared for the pregnancy and the birth, thanks to birthing classes, but not for what came after and it has been a trying period to say the least. But thankfully these days are over, we are now in a kind of reassuring routine, I’ve gone back to work since the beginning of September, Héloïse is perfectly happy at the crèche (the daycare in French) and I have even been able to go back to my sewing table!

Of course Héloïse is learning how to sew as the picture shows .

So for the last four months I’ve mostly been knitting in my free time, it’s much easier to pick up and put down according to her schedule.
The only thing I sewed was a sling (something that saved my life with a newborn), following Liza Jane‘s example in using Jan’s tutorial. Now my little baby needs less soothing by walking around but I’m still using it nearly daily: it’s extremely useful when you just need to pop out of the car for a quick trip to the post office and don’t want to pull out and unfold the pram.
Here is part of the knitting I’ve been doing: a little cardigan from the French book Les Intemporels pour Bébé. I had already knitted a newborn version, so cute! I just need to buy some buttons. Next to the cardigan are a little pair of Drops Garn Studio booties, important now that autumn has really arrived! With the long ribbing section, they stay on her legs a little longer than slippers. Let’s say I have more interesting things to do than pick up lost slippers every minute 🙂
I’ll show you the results of my short sewing section in the next few days, it’s a a pair of trousers from an Ottobre magazine.