[Me-Made-May 13] day 11

It’s cold and rainy today, max 15° C and I’ve caught a cold, so I’m layering garments and pulling handknits out of the wardrobe. And adding somme cuddly time on the sofa with my cat Groquick. He is in a way wearing a me-made: his favorite handknit blanket, which is the Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown, in Cascade Eco Wool, finished in september 2011.


Perfect opportunity to blog about this cardigan knitted last autumn- I’m a little behind on blogging about my handknitting! It’s the Water and Stone cardigan by Veera Välimäki and the yarn is Cascade Lana d’Oro, a mix of alpaca and wool very nice to knit with. The pattern on the contrary was really a pain to work with: I’m not exactly a beginner knitter anymore and I do have some experience in technical editing and oh boy, this pattern really should be edited for clarity. Some parts of the pattern seem to be deliberately complex, making it an advanced pattern when it isn’t technically difficult. With our knitting group we had chosen this pattern as our knitalong for 2012 and deeply regret it: one of us has even unraveled hers. All of us had already encountered problems with this designer, which is a pity since her designs are really nice.

Anyway I decided to finish it and add some missing elements: pockets and a closure system – what’s the point of having a nice and warm cardigan if you can’t even close it! I’ve worn it a lot this winter but we’ll still chose another designer for our next KAL.


FO : Ten Stitch Blanket

Presque un an pour la terminer !! Bon c’est vrai, je n’ai pas vraiment fait que ça pendant cette année, heureusement. Et il était temps qu’elle soit terminée, avec l’automne qui approchait, et puis ça me trottait dans la tête (et dans le panier à laine) depuis un moment. J’aime terminer ce que j’ai commencé, même si terminer veut parfois dire détricoter.

It took me nearly a year to knit, but it’s done! I have to admit I did knit some other things, but it was time to finish, with automn fast appoaching – and I don’t like to have unfinished things on the needles. I like finishing what has been started, even if it means unraveling the project.

Ici aussi, il y avait du détricotage, mais seulement au début : 10 mailles c’était vraiment trop étroit pour chaque bande, et tourner le travail à chaque fois commençait à être pénible avec seulement quelques rangs ; lorsque j’ai imaginé ce que ça pourrait donner quand la couverture aurait grandi, c’en était trop. Retour à la case départ et c’est reparti pour 22 mailles et une forme rectangulaire, c’est plus pratique. Beaucoup mieux. Au total j’ai mis environ 3,07 écheveaux de Cascade Ecological Wool (d’après la balance) et je suis donc débarrassée de cette laine que je n’aime pas tricoter et qui bouloche – mais qui fait une très agréable couverture, bien chaude.

Some unraveling happened here too, but only at the beginning: 10 sts per band was really not enough. I found it annoying to have to turn the work only every 10 sts, even when the blanket was only a few square centimetres, so when I started to visualize what it would be like to turn a whole blanket, I decided to stop. I cast on 22 sts and also knit a rectangle instead of a square, and that’s much better. I used approximately 3.07 skeins of Cascade Ecological Wool (according to my kitchen scale) and I’m glad to get rid of this yarn that I didn’t like to knit and which pills a lot – but makes a very warm and comfortable blanket for the sofa.

Le tout a été terminé avec une bordure en i-cord de 4 mailles, afin de donner une certaine tenue à cette couverture – le point mousse est mou n’est-ce pas ?

I finished the border with an applied i-cord, to give the blanket some strength – garter stitch is not very rigid.

  • Laine / Yarn : Cascade Ecological Wool, coloris 8049, un peu plus de 3 échevaux (soit environ 750 g – 1341 m)
  • Aiguilles / Needles : 5.5 mm