[crochet] Snowflake CAL with iMake

Have you heard of Martine and Jen’s most recent CAL? it’s all about snowflakes! They pick 2 or 3 each month for Caitlin Sainio’s book and we get to crochet along. It’s really not very involved as you can crochet a snowflake in 15 minutes up to 2 hours if it doesn’t work as planned. This means it’s been very easy to include in my busy knitting and embroidery after dinner schedule.

So far I’ve done all the snowflakes for January and February and eagerly waiting the announcement for March.

I’m using a white silk yarn from my stash: brilliant use for it, because I could not think of anything else to do with 100 % silk yarn.

Both Martine and Jen make sure to include a beginner pattern in the selection so you can build experience along the way. So far I’m making good progress, I now know how to read the charts! I encourage you to join us, there’s still time to catch up if you are so inclined. Everything you need to know about the CAL can be found either on the Ravelry iMake podcast group or on Martine’s blog. Happy crochet!


Oma house slippers – petits chaussons

Une petite réalisation au crochet, très rapide et utile tout de suite ! Oma house slippers de Tara Murray, disponibles sur Etsy. J’ai eu quelques soucis de taille, je n’ai pas de crochet de 6.5 mm. J’ai donc essayé, dé-crocheté et recommencé : je fais une taille 7, mais j’ai fini par faire une taille 11-12 avec deux fils de Garn Studio Drops Paris, 100 % Coton. Donc si je veux en faire des plus grands, il va falloir investir dans un crochet plus grand également. En attendant, mes pieds sont heureux, c’est léger, lavable et très discret – je peux me mouvoir sans bruit comme mon Chaton.

A very quick project to crochet: extremely useful! Oma house slippers by Tara Murray, available on Etsy. I had to start again because my gauge wasn’t right and ended doing 5 sizes bigger. I really need to buy a bigger crochet! The pattern calls for a 6.5 mm and my biggest is 6 mm. I used 2 colours of Garn Studio Drops Paris, 100 % cotton. My feet are happy, the slippers are very lightweight, washable and discrete: I can move around without making noise, just like my cat.