[knitting] Knitting for my wee one – de la layette pour moi, enfin pour lui, ou elle !

Yes, I’m pregnant! And very excited about it, I must say… My baby (boy or girl I don’t know yet) is due early June, so it will be a summer baby. For those of you who get the idea I’m 19 weeks pregnant now – that’s one of the many things I’m learning at the moment: so much info going on!


Of course it means that my sewing plans are a little skewed, my main goal will be maternity sewing – I’m just starting to really see my bump growing, so now I only have one pair of trousers fitting and they will probably not last very long. Two skirts have also been put at the back of the wardrobe. I’ve been taking a look at maternity patterns but I’m not too inspired by them yet (might change once I’m more heavily pregnant). If you have recommendations, I will gladly welcome them!

On the other hand, expecting a baby does open a wide range of possibilities sewing and knitting-wise! As a Christmas present for me I subscribed to a year of the Ottobre magazine: it’s really full of very cheerful and useful clothes for kids of all ages. I know – I’m a little late to realise that but bear with me it’s my first baby and I had no reason to really look into that before.

I haven’t started sewing anything yet for two reasons, first I have to wait two weeks for the next ultrasound and maybe know if its a boy or a girl. the other reason is because I need fabric, mostly knits, that I can’t find in my home town: I want 100% cotton knits, I think polyester can wait a little before entering the life of my child. To find cotton knits (not even mentioning organic knits), I have to go to Paris or order online. So that will happen soon, I have found an online store selling beautiful knits for kids (and older ones), some of them are used in the Ottobre magazine (btw, Ottobre have an Etsy store I didn’t know about either!!! Told you, so many things to discover). For those of you who are in France, it’s TyFlorianBoutik. When I went through their website, I had visions of striped bright t-shirts!

Expecting a baby when you’re a knitter also means many many cute things to make in a relatively short time (makes me think I should start knitting the blanket I have planned). I have started a little after Christmas, I have booties already and am knitting cardigans (striped ones, I love stripes and it’s a great way to bust some stash) and a bright red alpaca hooded jacket. You’ll see all that appearing in the next few weeks.


For the crafty mums or aunts here, I’m wondering how many items of each size I should make? I’ve heard that I shouldn’t concentrate too much in newborn size (maybe 3 or 4 onesies, some socks, 2 jumpers or cardigans), but for the rest I don’t know! I want to take advantage of the time I have ahead – even if my maternity leave isn’t until the end of April, I might not have as much time to knit or sew once the baby is here. Again, advice and recommendations very welcomed!
Wow that was a long post, I hadn’t intended it to be so long, I got carried away apparently 🙂

[sewing] Back to basics

I’ve had some issues lately with my sewing: two recent projects didn’t go exactly as well as I had planned – I’ll talk about them later once I can face the disappointment and actually take pictures. So this weekend, to be a bit more positive, I went back to basics and sewed garments I knew would fit me and wouldn’t be too hard. What best than pyjamas? I took me nearly as much time to find the pattern I had traced as to cut the fabric!

This is my trusted McCalls 5248, used before during Karen’s Pyjama Party – fingers in the nose! I used a cotton I had bought last year from the remnants bin. I initially thought of making a dress out of it, but wasn’t too sure about the combination of the colours and the print. That’s why I love pyjamas: you can go wild with prints and you still enjoy it every single day! It totally counts as wearing “frosting“, doesn’t it?

Next on my list, I cut a few versions of the Renfrew top (2 will be the long sleeve version). I also shamelessly copied Andrea‘s idea and cut a cardigan version of the same Renfrew, using a black ponti knit. I’m not modelling it yet because it’s not finished: I need to make buttonholes, but first I need to find buttons!


I totally followed Andrea’s advice and cut 2 sizes bigger (12 instead of 8) to allow for some ease and to be able to wear something underneath. For the next version I’ll have to shorten the sleeves a little.

It feels good to achieve something that fits.. have a wonderful week!