[knitting] FO: Millisande

Finally finished! Phew, that took ages… I started this jumper last August, hoping I could finish it in time for winter. Alas, it didn’t go according to the plan. Firstly because there are lots and lots and lots of cables, and no stockinette portion to rest your hands and brain. Secondly because I ran out of yarn when I only had about 10% of the knitting left (top part of the left front and collar). I had to purchase more yarn, secretly hoping the difference in dye wouldn’t show too much. Yes, because I didn’t tell you that this yarn has been sitting (or lounging) in my stash for four years now – so I had absolutely no hope that I could find the same dye lot. ah and back in 2012 when I ordered this yarn, for some reason it took more than 2 months (!) to reach my home. No way would I buy from the same shop.. 




I then crossed my fingers and lo and behold, the colour is really really close and I don’t think anyone can see the difference. However, the new yarn felt much thinner than the original one. I checked my ball bands to see if I had mistakenly ordered another yarn but no. The label design had been updated, but it was still my Drops Lima. Let’s have a closer check: nope, it’s not exactly the same. In the meantime Drops has apparently decided to change the yardage of the yarn. The difference is huge: it goes from 90 m (98 yds) for the old version to 100 m (109 yds) for the new version. I can assure you that you feel the difference! 




Thankfully, I can’t really see the difference in colour or thickness – but I promise I’ll try to use up my stash before the next century – or at least try to pick patterns with the right amount of yarn 🙂


  • pattern: Millisande – Ann McCauley published in Brooklyn Tweed Wool People vol. 8
  • yarn: Drops Lima colour 7810 – 17 balls


[knitting] Olive You Too baby cardigan

A little bit of knitting today, since I finished this cute little cardigan a few days ago. It is for a baby due at the end of February, so for once I’m on time! The pattern is Olive You Too by Taiga Hilliard, it’s a free pattern on Ravelry and it goes from 0-3 mo to 12-18 mo. Obviously I made the smaller size and used the rest of the Cascade 220 I had used for a blanket knitted last year for my nephew (unblogged of course, sigh).

Tricot pour bébé 2

It is a very quick knit if you don’t forget to account for the 2nd sleeve… It’s a top down cardigan and I had knitted right to the part where you separate sleeves and body and realised I only had one sleeve. Hum, so everything was frogged and started all over again.

The pattern is clear and easy to follow, except for the cable chart: the way it’s charted, you don’t know which way the cables are crossing so for begginners it could be a little hard to understand. Other than that, it’s quick and easy.

Tricot pour bébé 1

I didn’t want to bother with buttonholes so I knitted the whole cardigan and then added bias tape to make button bands and buttonholes bands and used some snaps to close everything. I like the clean result and I think new parents have other things to do than fiddle with buttons and buttonholes 🙂

  • Pattern: Olive You Too – Taiga Hilliard – free on Ravelry
  • Yarns & Needles: Cascade 220 (a little more than a skein) – 3.75 mm & 4 mm
  • Size: 0-3 mo
  • Modifications: omitted the buttonholes and used snaps

FO : Seraphine

Fini depuis longtemps, il attendait juste que je me décide à prendre des photos. C’est chose faite. Le modèle m’avait beaucoup plus dès sa parution dans Wool People, vol. 1.

This wrap has been finished for approximately 2 months now, but I was too lazy to take photos. Done! My eyes had sparkled when I first saw this pattern in Wool People, vol. 1.

Les torsades sont superbes, et ça donnait l’impression d’être moelleux, chaud et parfait à tricoter avant que l’hiver n’arrive. Et finalement, déception.. Pas à cause de la laine, qui n’a de doux que le nom, soyons honnêtes – demandez-moi de citer une laine douce, ce n’est clairement pas ça. Pff, ça me rappelle l’insulte de Phildar à l’encontre de tous les pauvres moutons mérinos il y a quelques années. D’ailleurs ils ont rattrapé le coup, c’est vraiment doux maintenant, mais à quel prix ! Enfin c’est une autre histoire… Donc laine pas douce, mais ce n’est pas destiné à être porté à même la peau, il n’y a pas de col et j’aime l’aspect tweedé, c’est sympa, ça change du gris tout simple (non ces petites taches blanches ne sont pas de la poussière ou des minous, ça fait partie de la laine).

The cables are beautiful and I had an overall impression of comfort, warmth – a perfect wrap to wear in the winter to come. And eventually, I’m highly disappointed. Not because of the yarn, even if the softness is only in the name. Honestly, ask me to name a few soft yarns, this one will not be part of my list. So the yarn is not soft, but it doesn’t really matter because the wrap isn’t meant to be worn next to the skin, there is no cowl and I like the tweed look of the yarn (no, those little white things are not dust or any discusting thing, it’s part of the yarn).

Non la déception vient du modèle, je ne suis pas la seule à avoir été déçue, soit dit en passant. Le panneau de torsades est trop court, ça se voit sur la photo suivante : si on veut que ça couvre un peu le bas du dos – un must à la mauvaise saison – alors c’est le haut des épaules et le cou qui ne sont pas couverts. Très dommage et tant pis pour le côté moelleux et enveloppant. En revanche, l’enveloppe est là côté “ailes”. Beaucoup trop longues et surtout elles ressemblent à de grandes pointes, alors qu’elles auraient dû être plus proches de la forme rectangulaire pour être chaudes et bien couvrir le corps. Je les ai donc drastiquement raccourcies : 58 cm au lieu des 101 du modèle. Et malgré cela, leur largeur à l’extrémité est ridiculement étroite : 26 cm.

Disappointment comes from the pattern, I’m not the only one to have experienced such disappointment. The cables pannel is too short, as you can see on the next photo. If you want it to cover your lower back, which I think is a must in winter, then the top of your shoulders and back neck are bare. Not acceptable! And the ‘wings’ are way too long and narrow: they look like big points when they should have been more rectangular too be warm and cover the body. I have seriously reduced their length: 58 cm instead of 101 (23″ instead of 40″). And even at half the length, they’re only 26 cm (10″) wide.

Evidemment, j’aurais dû mieux regarder les dimensions terminées avant d’acheter le modèle, c’était bien écrit:

92” total wingspan, 23” height at center back; measurements taken after blocking

soit 2.30 m d’envergure pour une hauteur maximale de 58 cm. La prochaine fois, je me mesurerai la hauteur du dos et je comparerai !

I should have looked more closely at the finished dimensions given on the pattern page (see above): 2.3 m and only 58 cm high. Next time, I’ll measure my back length and compare it with the original pattern.