[sewing] My little rabbit

Here are a couple of things I’ve sewn for my little girl, she seems to be outgrowing all of her clothes at the same time! I’ve planned lots and lots of things and the latest Ottobre magazine (3/2015) is full of beautiful clothes to make.

Amidst this verrrry long list, I’ve chosen a little skirt with rabbits in appliqué and a hat. We’re going to have a heat wave in the next few days, so it’s perfect timing! The skirt and the hat are made with the same two fabrics, coming from Catherine (merci !), all very pink: a flowery print in cotton and a very bright pink in linen. The last one has been used for the inside of the hat.



Ottobre 4/2013 #5



Ottobre 4/2013 #5 pink rabbits!

Nothing very complex here, stitching the appliqué took ages but it was rather easy. This skirt is just a rectangle with shirring, so the construction itself is not a problem.



Ottobre 4/2013 #5 More pink rabbits! and pink grass!

To go with this skirt and to celebrate the delayed arrival of my latest issue of the Ottobre magazine, I’ve sewn a little hat from this issue. I’ve never made anything so quickly after receiving my subscription! Received yesterday and during nap time today, I traced, cut and sewed this cute little hat. It will be perfect for the nursery tomorrow.


Ottobre 3/2015 #13

As the weather was rather good this afternoon, I managed to snatch a couple of pictures of my little model:


Ottobre 3/2015 #13 sunshine! and no I’ve not made this dress



Ottobre 3/2015 #13



Ottobre 4/2013 #5 Worn with class and furry slippers..

  • The skirt

pattern : Ottobre 4/2013 number 5, size 86 – fabric : cotton print and solid colour linen, all from Catherine’s stash – modifications: none

  • The hat

pattern : Ottobre 3/2015 number 13 “Forget-me-not”, size 50 cm – fabric : cotton print and solid colour linen, all from Catherine’s stash – modifications: none

See you soon!


[sewing] Ottobre 4/2012 baby trousers

As promised, here are a few pics of the baby trousers I made last weekend. I’m very happy with the result of both and they were made using stashed fabric. The pattern is from issue 4 of 2012 of the Ottobre magazine and they’re trousers number 7. I made a size 68 – even if Héloïse is still 62 – so that they would fit her for a part of autumn and winter. And the description of the pattern says they’re “loose-fitting jeans”. Totally it: very loose-fitting 🙂


pantalon ottobre 1

I’m learning that it’s not easy to capture a baby!

pantalon ottobre 2

of course wearing the little cardigan made by her mama 🙂

Oh by the way, I’m sorry but my husband and I agreed that there would be no photo of our daughter’s face on the Internet, we both think that she will be the one to decide to post pictures of herself, once she’s old enough (though we’re not naive: we know it will happen sooner than we would like). But trust me: she’s very cute – totally honest comment 😉


pantalon ottobre 3

wide elastic waistband and cute knee patches

For the first pair, I really had a small piece of fine cord navy blue fabric, a leftover from a skirt I made last winter and never showed here (I can still see the draft every time I log in to WordPress). Anyway the fabric was so small that I had to cut the back piece in two parts instead of on the fold AND I cut it across the grain, boooo! I don’t think my daughter will notice: it’s on her backside after all. I also used turquoise ribbing: I don’t have a lot of ribbing yet and this is the best match I could have. I’m slowly building my stash of ribbing, as Ottobre kids pattern seem to use a lot and it’s a nice way of finishing an edge. For the second pair (in grey linen), I really didn’t have any matching ribbing, so I used an old tee-shirt, just as I did for my maternity skirts waistbands 🙂

pantalon ottobre 4

very loose-fitting 🙂 and accessorized with Minoucha

I think this pattern is very cute (otherwise I wouldn’t have made two versions), there are many things I like: the knee patches are a nice little touch and the wide elastic waistband makes it very comfortable for my baby, much more than the tight trousers she had. As you can see, I played with different fabrics and even tried the applique stitch on my Janome sewing machine. This is exactly why I wanted a few fancy stitches on my sewing machine: with a little girl the possibilities are endless!

pantalon ottobre 5

my first attempts at machine-appliqué: I like it!


pantalon ottobre 6

oh and the pattern also has back pockets