[Me-Made-May 13] day 11

It’s cold and rainy today, max 15° C and I’ve caught a cold, so I’m layering garments and pulling handknits out of the wardrobe. And adding somme cuddly time on the sofa with my cat Groquick. He is in a way wearing a me-made: his favorite handknit blanket, which is the Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown, in Cascade Eco Wool, finished in september 2011.


Perfect opportunity to blog about this cardigan knitted last autumn- I’m a little behind on blogging about my handknitting! It’s the Water and Stone cardigan by Veera Välimäki and the yarn is Cascade Lana d’Oro, a mix of alpaca and wool very nice to knit with. The pattern on the contrary was really a pain to work with: I’m not exactly a beginner knitter anymore and I do have some experience in technical editing and oh boy, this pattern really should be edited for clarity. Some parts of the pattern seem to be deliberately complex, making it an advanced pattern when it isn’t technically difficult. With our knitting group we had chosen this pattern as our knitalong for 2012 and deeply regret it: one of us has even unraveled hers. All of us had already encountered problems with this designer, which is a pity since her designs are really nice.

Anyway I decided to finish it and add some missing elements: pockets and a closure system – what’s the point of having a nice and warm cardigan if you can’t even close it! I’ve worn it a lot this winter but we’ll still chose another designer for our next KAL.


[Me-Made-May 13] day 10 friday theme Sewing, Knitting, Creating Space

So today is Friday and I’m sticking to the theme [Sewing, Knitting, Creating Space]. So I’ll show you a little knitting in my sewing space! My only me-made today is my Just Enough Ruffles Scarf by Laura Chau – an old favorite finished in summer 2011. It’s knit in gorgeous Malabrigo Worsted, as soft as kitten fur, but very prone to pilling. And yes, it’s yellow again!

Yesterday you only had a sneak peek at my sewing space, here is the fuller version: in the foreground, my dear ironing table, tailor’s ham, pressing cloth and iron (which is dirty as you can see) and my current wip: a pyjama for my little girl, it’s waiting for my twin needle to cooperate so that I can apply the knit band to the opening.



In the background my dear Bernina and all the tools that go with it, always on the table by its side: scissors, pinking shears, thread clips, pins, a ruler. On the left are two old tin boxes with needles, bobbins and all other tools: small scissors, brushes and oil for machine maintenance, point turner, seam ripper, tweezers, chalk, pens, etc. Also very important: a docking station for my phone so I can listen to podcasts or the radio during sewing. In the box at the far right are tools that navigate between this room and my kitchen table downstairs where I do all my pattern tracing and fabric cutting. It contains another pair of scissors, my rotary cutter, marking tools, pens, different rulers (metric and imperial) and tape measures – the only thing I have to add is my magnetic pin holder. The plastic sewing machine is the newest addition to my sewing room: a Janome 7330. I can now make 6 different buttonholes as well as some embroidery stitches. I’m still getting used to it, but still feel guilty for buying another sewing machine because I don’t want to abandon my Bernina which works so well. Actually the Bernina wins with the twin needle!




If you turn right from the previous photo here is what you’ll see: drawers for our clothes with my Pfaff serger and bias tape. The serger used to be where the Janome sewing machine was up until last week. I’m not sure I’ll keep this setup, we’ll see how it works out.



Turn right once more and you’ll see Pamela, my dress form – I don’t use it very often as it’s not my size, but it is sometimes helpful when I want to check construction techniques like on this dress (my newest make, you’ll see more of it in the next few days – too cold for now to wear it). The white thing behind my wardrobe is where I keep patterns and tools I don’t need to often, as well as some books.



So there you have it: you know everything about my sewing room. My fabric stash is not kept in this room, it’s upstairs in our bedroom – I  just keep a plastic container with fabric scraps (the one just in front of Pamela). So how’s your creative space? I’ve really had a great time looking at other people’s sewing room!


[Me-Made-May 13] day 9

It’s rather sunny today, if warm, so I can run around with bare legs in my Tiramisu knit dress. I’ve made it around Christmas and am still amazed at the way it fits, even though I’ve hidden a basketball underneath 🙂
I’d love to make a red version but still have to find suitable stretch crepe!
Oh and Zoe wanted to have a look at the places we’re in, so here is part of where I’m spending most of my days at the moment: this is my sewing table, all cleaned up – spring cleaning!


[Me-Made-May 13] day 7

today: a mix of 2 tops from a recent issue of Fait Main magazine (n° 375 – april 2013). I used the gathered sleeves and upper back of tunic C and the front of tunic D. I’ve finished it yesterday, so I don’t know if it’s nice to wear, we’ll see..

I considerably reduced the width of the sleeves (a total of 5 inches), they made me look even bigger!

mmm13 day 7


FM magazine 375

[Me-Made-May 13] day 6

Today: Made by Rae Washi Dress with no maternity adjustments!

Made some time ago (a couple of months I think), I started with a kind of wearable muslin. I had bought this fabric with the idea of making a pyjama set. The drape is perfect for this pattern, but a little dull.
The pattern is the well-known Washi Dress from Made By Rae – you have probably seen some beautiful renditions of this dress as it allows you to play with printed fabrics. I cut a size XL, according to my bust measurements and it fits perfectly well. It’s a very comfy dress with plenty of room for my belly, still true now at nearly 8 months of pregnancy. Which makes me think this style might not be the best for me in “normal” time 🙂 , unless you use a very soft fabric with lots of drape.
It was my first time using shirring and it’s really very easy plus it means there are no closures to bother with, so it’s a very quick make. So quick that I made a second one the weekend after this one. The fabric is stiffer, it’s a medium weight cotton.
My wearable muslin will be very nice to wear once the days actually get warmer (spring is having a hard time here) but it lacks something: I think it looks a little like a nightgown. So I need your help: what do you think I could add to this dress to brighten it up?

mmm13 day 6


[Me-Made-May 13] day 5

No garments today, but little accessories that will be needed for the hospital: I made matching slippers for my daughter and me. I know it’s a little twee, but hey, when she’s a teenager, it will be too late for that! It’s my way to say welcome to her 🙂 Both patterns were purchased and downloaded from I Think Sew. The pattern for the adult slippers is Priscilla Women’s Shoes and for the baby size it’s the Lilac Baby Booties pattern. You can see they’ve used the same fabric for both patterns, I didn’t go that far, even though they’re both yellow.

Patterns are well written and very well illustrated, plenty of pictures – and trust me it makes is easier to understand how these 3D things go together!

me-made-may 13 day 5


[Me-Made-May 13] day 4

bare legs today! Not that it’s that warm, but hey, it’s May! The pattern is modified from Simplicity 2451. I don’t have the enveloppe, it was published in a magazine called Tendances Couture (n° 4 to be precise), certainly one of the ugliest sewing patterns magazines available! If you read any French, go and have a look at Sakiko’s hilarious reviews here, here, here and here. And if you think Burda magazine’s pattern sheets are crammed with information, try this one: very few colours and the markings are in German – yes in German for the French edition… Anyway, it’s cheap and I buy it only when there are at least 3 patterns I like, so it’s really a bargain!

So this is view C, without the waistband of course: I replaced it with a large knit band (15 cm once folded) and an elastic encased, it is soooo comfortable to wear. For the knitband I used the bottom part of a thrifted t-shirt, it’s perfect: you can try the t-shirt before, see if it fits the belly and cut! I’ve already sewn another one 🙂 One day when my waist has returned, I’ll sew view B with the buttons on either sides and the pockets!

me-made-may 13 day 4