[Me-Made-May 13] day 30

Last 2 days of the challenge!! I’m glad that I’ve managed to wear me-mades every day, even if I haven’t posted photos of them every time. Today is another version of the Simplicity 2451 skirt worn on days 4 and 21. It’s in stretch cotton sateen, with tiny beige dots on a white background – so small you can’t see them for this far. Again the pattern is modified for pregnancy by replacing the yoke by a stretchy waistband made out of an old tee, omitting the zipper, lowering the front “yoke” seam. Most comfy!



[Me-Made-May] 13 day 28

Only a few more days before the end of the month! There are many repeats in my outfits these days, but I don’t think it really matters, I’m doing my best under the circumstances: today I’m wearing the same bright yellow t-shirt as day 3.



But I preferred to show you my feet because 1. I have only managed to sleep one hour the past night and you can see it on my face (how come you can’t stock up on sleep before the birth??) and 2. I’ve just finished knitting these great socks. They’re the Asymmetrical Cables Socks by Cookie A. from the book Sock Knitting Master Class and the yarn is the wonderful Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock. I’m not overwhelmed by the pattern, the cables look nice, but I have some other socks that I like a lot more than these. However the yarn is great: thick, squishy and with a high twist – it’s a  pity it’s so expensive!


[Me-Made-May 13] day 25 – ste Sophie :D

Yes! for those of you with a Catholic background, it’s St Sophie’s Day (that’s me!), at least in France. I wonder if the calendar changes elsewhere..

Anyway, today I’m wearing my Washi dress again (already worn on day 6), but I followed your advice and added a little touch colour. It’s not overwhelming I know, but it’s a start. I used one of the embroidery stitches on my new Janome sewing machine, with red thread. I already like the dress a little more! Have a great weekend..




[Me-Made-May 13] day 22

I’m late in posting this! Yesterday we had a little bit of sun (though the temperatures were still very low) and I thought it would be time to wear this dress – I haven’t been able to wear it since I finished it two weeks ago.. The pattern comes from Ottobre magazine issue 2 of 2013 and it’s number 19. Once again I have made no maternity adjustments, only used my bust size to determine whiche  size to cut. Thanks to the knit fabric, it’s stretchy enough to cover my belly! Apart from the front knotted piece which gave me a little headache, the construction was fine. I must say though that my serger did not enjoy the side seams: there’s a knit band creating a kind of belt, and it’s gathered, so the whole thing is really thick. I had to stop serging before the belt and start again afterwards – and use a simple zigzag stitch over the belt part. Bonus: my husband really likes it, which is very unusual – he rarely comments on what I make 🙂



[Me-Made-May 13] day 21

Still cold and rainy! max today: 13°C… I’m not sure the weather will actually turn to spring before the end of May, it’s a pity because I’d really like to wear short sleeves for once 🙂

Me-Made outfit today is the skirt seen on day 4 and my first Renfrew (view C with cowl neck and 3/4 sleeves), made last year. Sorry for the dark photos, but there’s not much I can do about it!




[Me-Made-May13] day 17

Today is the first time I actually wear this blouse, even though it’s been finished for around 6 weeks now: the weather simply hasn’t been warm enough since then.
The pattern is Datura by French Indy company Deer&Doe, which I received as a present for my birthday (thanks again, girls!). I really like the collar!
The construction went very smoothly and the instructions are very clear! I chose to close the back entirely but still added some buttons to keep the spirit of the pattern. I adapted the pattern for maternity by simply adding some width in the front.
I hope the sun does arrive soon, so I can wear it a little 🙂



[Me-Made-May 13] day 16: bags, bags, bags

I’m cheating a little with the rules of Me-Made-May today, but hey, it’s my challenge and these are me-mades. The only thing is I’m not really wearing them today, but they make me smile so I wanted to share them with you. I order to get ready for the big day, I wanted to make both my little girl and me nice bags to bring to hospital, as well as a smaller for her (the pink and blue one on the photo below) to put toiletries (so small and she already fills a bag). The smaller pouches come from the Craftsy class on Beginner Serging, it’s the project associated with the class: an exposed zipper pouch. I think you’ve seen some over the Internet already, and I took advantage of a discount linked with Andrea’s very good review of this class. If you have a serger, take this class, you will learn lots! I made plenty of notes, but still think I’ll have to re-run the lessons a few times to remember everything!

Hey I managed to show a sheep!

Her big bag: I managed to keep the little sheep on the fabric! Fabrics of the big bag come from Ikea. Little slippers are here to give the scale


The bags are easy to make and require little equipment: 2 fat quarters, some fusible fleece and a zipper. I used simple fusible interfacing and some scraps of fabric for the first version. Of course you don’t actually need a serger to make these bags, but the point of it all is to learn to use it. After the first version I made 2 other bags, this time playing with fat quarters and contrasting zippers. I tried to make a bigger one and also added a handle (the red and white on the photo below), but it was just too big for interfacing – which means it doesn’t hold its shape. But it’s the perfect size to place all items needed for the birthing room: my t-shirt and water spray and my little girl’s first onesies, pyjamas, socks and hat. I embroidered a little frog on her hat (me-made too), it’s a private joke between my husband and I: when he came with me to the 2nd ultrasound and saw her for the first time, he thought she looked like a frog (grenouille in French). We’ve been calling her “grenouille” since, so I thought it was appropriate to have a little frog for her first day with us!

Little hat made using Kwik Sew 2433

Bigger exposed zippered pouch using Craftsy’s Beginner Serging pattern and little hat made using Kwik Sew 2433


Plenty of pockets to place tiny socks and hats

Plenty of pockets to place tiny socks and hats (Large nappy bag pattern by SusieDDesigns on Etsy)

She has a bigger bag too, to put the many many things you need to bring along. I did a quick search on the internet and found two very nice designs by SusieD on Etsy – I used this nappy bag for grenouille and a weekender bag for me. I have changed dimensions for both, as I wanted BIG bags. Again I have done a first version for the nappy bag, but apparently didn’t chose the colours very wisely and I don’t really like it. It worked as a muslin and from there it was easier to make a bigger bag.  Both bags are really well thought out, they have plenty of pockets and the instructions are very clear and well illustrated. A trip to Ikea in the upholstery area and I found all the fabrics I wanted: flowers and leaves for me, farms and animals for her.

My own slippers to give a scale of my bag (Weekender Bag by SusieDDesgins on Etsy) – and the first version of the exposed zipper pouch (and handknit socks too, of course!)


Lining and pockets, very well thought out!

Lining and pockets, very well thought out!

A word of warning though: both bags are entirely lined and nowhere can the wrong side of fabric be seen, that means there are a lot of pieces to cut and assemble. So in order to understand the construction and see where I could change dimensions, I made a miniature paper bag for mine, with colour codes for different fabrics, interlining, fusible fleece, etc. – it took me a couple of hours, but the cutting and sewing went very smoothly after that!


Miniature paper weekend bag!


Costs for the big bags

patterns 9.46€ for both patterns, a little more each if you buy them separately.

fabrics for her bag: 21.15 €

fabrics for mine : 23.64 €

Total cost for both bags: 54.25 € – not too bad!

[Me-Made-May 13] day 14

today: wool Sewaholic Minoru Jacket, sewed last autumn. I have worn this winter coat nearly every single day this winter and it still fits! If I were to sew this pattern again, I would probably omit the hood and the inside pockets, I haven’t used any of them. But I would definitely add outside welt pockets as I did in this version. Conclusion: this is a must-have!

mmm13day 14


[Me-Made-May13] day 13

Socks today! still rather cold for a month of May and apparently the forecast isn’t any better for the next 10 days… So handknits again, a little meh this time. These are Stealth Argyles Socks by Eunny Jang, from the book Sock Knitting Masterclass. I really like the colour combination when I bought the book, and decided to knit these socks with the exact same colours. This is really unfrequent for me, I tend to change everything in a pattern, starting from the colour and the yarn. So the yarn here is Malabrigo sock, very nice to knit with. The pattern uses shadow knitting, which means that a pattern appears when you change your point of view on the socks. Of course it was a pain to knit, but the result is fun. However, the gauge is way too lose for socks (my gauge was spot on so it’s a problem with the pattern) and as they’re nearly knee high, they keep bunching on my heels. I hardly ever wear them….