[knitting] WIP Wednesday #10

Today’s WIP is feeling absolutely wrong considering the temperatures outside! We’re having a heatwave in France this week and I’m not really sure I enjoy knitting a wooly jumper right now. Anyway I’d like it to be finished so I can start something else, like this beautiful Polwarth jumper by Ysolda Teague. I just don’t know which yarn I’m going to use, have you any idea, since the recommended yarn is out of stock?

Patons cabled knit cardigan

Patons cabled knit cardigan

This free pattern is Patons Cabled Knit Cardigan and I’m using the Universal Yarn’s Renew Wool, leftover from the (unblogged) Narragansett sweater I coincidentally just frogged 🙂 I’m knitting it in the 6-months size with 4 mm needles, instead of the 4.5 mm called for by the pattern. It’s intended for my nephew Alexei.

[knitting] Olive You Too baby cardigan

A little bit of knitting today, since I finished this cute little cardigan a few days ago. It is for a baby due at the end of February, so for once I’m on time! The pattern is Olive You Too by Taiga Hilliard, it’s a free pattern on Ravelry and it goes from 0-3 mo to 12-18 mo. Obviously I made the smaller size and used the rest of the Cascade 220 I had used for a blanket knitted last year for my nephew (unblogged of course, sigh).

Tricot pour bébé 2

It is a very quick knit if you don’t forget to account for the 2nd sleeve… It’s a top down cardigan and I had knitted right to the part where you separate sleeves and body and realised I only had one sleeve. Hum, so everything was frogged and started all over again.

The pattern is clear and easy to follow, except for the cable chart: the way it’s charted, you don’t know which way the cables are crossing so for begginners it could be a little hard to understand. Other than that, it’s quick and easy.

Tricot pour bébé 1

I didn’t want to bother with buttonholes so I knitted the whole cardigan and then added bias tape to make button bands and buttonholes bands and used some snaps to close everything. I like the clean result and I think new parents have other things to do than fiddle with buttons and buttonholes 🙂

  • Pattern: Olive You Too – Taiga Hilliard – free on Ravelry
  • Yarns & Needles: Cascade 220 (a little more than a skein) – 3.75 mm & 4 mm
  • Size: 0-3 mo
  • Modifications: omitted the buttonholes and used snaps

[knitting] Update



As promised last time, I’m back with some knitting. Recently I’ve been showing mostly sewing but my first true love is still knitting 🙂 I had to stop playing with my needles for 2 months last spring because of tendinitis and it was hard! I didn’t know what to do with my hands in front of the tv. So Anne and Saki, I totally understand what you’re going through! Just like Saki I have a great physiotherapist who is doing wonders.

Terpander - Melissa Morgan-Oakes

Terpander – Melissa Morgan-Oakes



I’ve finished my maternity socks, Terpander by Melissa Morgan-Oakes, from the book Sock Knitting Master Class. I really like this book and have already made the Stealth Argyles, the Pussy Willow Stockings and the Asymmetrical Cables. I love the last two but not the Stealth Argyles as the knitting is not tight enough. As a result, the socks slip down the calf all the time, it’s very annoying and I finally gave them away. I did use the yarn called for in the pattern and my gauge was perfect. Oh well..

I called them maternity socks because I had started them in May 2013, hoping I could knit during my stay at the maternity. Ha ha ha. I was so naive. Considering my food was always cold when I finally managed to sit on my bed and eat during the 4 days I spent there, there was no way I could knit even one stitch.. So if I ever have a second baby, I won’t bother bringing my knitting bag with me. Some can knit before the big moment, I couldn’t even breathe properly!

I’ve enjoyed wearing these socks, they’re knit in Regia 4-ply, a yarn I bought in 2011 somewhere in Limousin. Of course the cables do require some attention but that’s what’s interesting about this pattern: there’s always something going on!

I’ve also finished this little cardigan for poulette: the pattern is Eole by Nadia CrĂ©tin-LĂ©chenne. I find it really cute with the windmill increases and the i-cord border. It’s been finished for months now, I only have snaps to sew, but it was way too big so I wasn’t in a hury. I should get a move on though otherwise it’s going to be too small by the time I finally sew those snaps 🙂 I knitted a size 18 mo and my poulette is 17 mo next week.


Eole - Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

Eole – Nadia CrĂ©tin-LĂ©chenne

For her I’ve also started a new version of La Petite by Rebecca Newman, the previous one is too small by now of course. For the winter version I’m using two strands of Drops Alpaca. I had 5 balls left from my Gwendolyn cardigan. I don’t know if I’m knitting the long sleeves or not. I initially wanted to sew a sleeveless jumper – aka a vest – but all the patterns I found were very masculine. So I thought I might do this one with short sleeves, but now I’m not sure anymore.

La Petite - Rebecca Newman

La Petite – Rebecca Newman

On the needles for me is Port o’Leith by Kate Davies, with Jamieson’s and Smith Aran. I’ve already knitted the big collar and started the gansey but I ran out of yarn and I need to order at least 3 balls.

Port o'Leith - Kate Davies

Port o’Leith – Kate Davies

So whilst waiting for my yarn I started the Devlan jumper by Bristol Ivy published in Wool People 7. It’s our KAL for this winter, a special KAL because each one will be knitting a different pattern 🙂

Devlan - Bristol Ivy

Devlan – Bristol Ivy


My needles are on fire at the moment! Next time there will be a little sewing for poulette and if all goes well, some for me too. What about you? Does autumn make you want to pull needles and yarn out of the knitting basket?

See you soon!


[sewing] [knitting] Petite Pullover & Pyjamas

Some sewing and some knitting for my little one: first La Petite which is a simple top down pullover mixing yoke increases and a raglan part. I didn’t do stripes but went for a very bright green, which is a colour that suits my daughter’s complexion.



La Petite Pullover: colour is much brighter that this..

I used Annell Miami yarn which is an inexpensive cotton/acrylic blend that I really like. It’s a joy to knit, it goes in the washing machine, there are plenty of colours and it wears very well. Perfect for my dribbling baby or when she eats bread! I don’t exactly remember how you’re supposed to finished the hem and cuffs, but I didn’t want to do a garter stitch border or ribbing. I had planned to do a hem to be sewn to the inside, but as you can see, I never did and just left it as it is! I quite like this look, plus it’s the lazy way 🙂

The pattern is very clear, instructions are precise and bonus: they are given for two different weights of yarn. The sizes range from 6 months to 10 years, it’s really worth the 5.5 USD. There will be more versions of this in the next couple of years.. I will try to add a picture of her wearing it.

For my next make, you won’t see any picture because it’s two pairs of pyjamas required by the nursery and they’re staying there. They recently asked us to provide pyjama pants so that in case of an emergency evacuation if the babies are sleeping, they don’t end up only wearing onesies in the street. I’d rather not think about this happening… Anyway, my little baby is now the proud owner of beautiful handmade pyjamas with dots. The fabric comes from TyFlorian Boutik and the pattern is from one of the most recent Ottobre magazines (#9 from issue 1/2014). It’s supposed to be doubled, but I only used one layer of fabric. It’s already rather warm in the nursery and they wear sleep sacks anyway.


Ottobre 1/2014 pattern #9

You couldn’t find an easier pattern and I did both in less than two hours, including the tracing of the pattern. I went for a 72 cm size (she’s 69 now) and I quickly checked the fit before giving them to the nursery. I added a sewn in little label with the size and her initials. I forgot to take a picture of the label, silly me! but I think it’s something I’ll do again, it will help me remember which size I did.

Sans titre-1

Ottobre 1/2014 pattern #9

[knitting] A come back!


*dusts around and removes the cobwebs* anyone still around??
phew it’s been a loooooong time, a little over four and a half months since I posted here. Let’s say I’ve kept myself busy.. My little girl is growing well and already making good progress: it’s great to see her grow and learn new stuff such as laughing, grabbing toys and rolling over. Especially after the first couple of months when I wondered if anything was happening behind those blue eyes. I think I was quite well prepared for the pregnancy and the birth, thanks to birthing classes, but not for what came after and it has been a trying period to say the least. But thankfully these days are over, we are now in a kind of reassuring routine, I’ve gone back to work since the beginning of September, HĂ©loĂŻse is perfectly happy at the crèche (the daycare in French) and I have even been able to go back to my sewing table!

Of course HĂ©loĂŻse is learning how to sew as the picture shows .

So for the last four months I’ve mostly been knitting in my free time, it’s much easier to pick up and put down according to her schedule.
The only thing I sewed was a sling (something that saved my life with a newborn), following Liza Jane‘s example in using Jan’s tutorial. Now my little baby needs less soothing by walking around but I’m still using it nearly daily: it’s extremely useful when you just need to pop out of the car for a quick trip to the post office and don’t want to pull out and unfold the pram.
Here is part of the knitting I’ve been doing: a little cardigan from the French book Les Intemporels pour BĂ©bĂ©. I had already knitted a newborn version, so cute! I just need to buy some buttons. Next to the cardigan are a little pair of Drops Garn Studio booties, important now that autumn has really arrived! With the long ribbing section, they stay on her legs a little longer than slippers. Let’s say I have more interesting things to do than pick up lost slippers every minute 🙂
I’ll show you the results of my short sewing section in the next few days, it’s a a pair of trousers from an Ottobre magazine.



[knitting] Bonnet du Korrigan

Seems like I’ve only been knitting small things recently! this little cabled hat is for a little girl born a few weeks ago, I hope it will keep her head warm until the spring arrives.

The pattern is Bonnet du Korrigan by Solenn Couix-Loarer – it’s available both in French and English. She has designed a whole series around this Korrigan cable theme and I’m currently knitting all of them: a cardigan (finished but needs some buttons) and a blanket (that’s a much longer term project).


Bonnet Korrigan

Bonnet Korrigan


The yarn is a fingering weight: Cascade Heritage – leftover from my own Gavotte sweater and I had enough to make this hat and the cardigan. It’s a very cute pattern and a quick make: a little less than 4 hrs in all. This hat pattern is available in all sizes from small baby to adult with different yarn options. So give it a try!

[knitting] Knitting for my wee one – de la layette pour moi, enfin pour lui, ou elle !

Yes, I’m pregnant! And very excited about it, I must say… My baby (boy or girl I don’t know yet) is due early June, so it will be a summer baby. For those of you who get the idea I’m 19 weeks pregnant now – that’s one of the many things I’m learning at the moment: so much info going on!


Of course it means that my sewing plans are a little skewed, my main goal will be maternity sewing – I’m just starting to really see my bump growing, so now I only have one pair of trousers fitting and they will probably not last very long. Two skirts have also been put at the back of the wardrobe. I’ve been taking a look at maternity patterns but I’m not too inspired by them yet (might change once I’m more heavily pregnant). If you have recommendations, I will gladly welcome them!

On the other hand, expecting a baby does open a wide range of possibilities sewing and knitting-wise! As a Christmas present for me I subscribed to a year of the Ottobre magazine: it’s really full of very cheerful and useful clothes for kids of all ages. I know – I’m a little late to realise that but bear with me it’s my first baby and I had no reason to really look into that before.

I haven’t started sewing anything yet for two reasons, first I have to wait two weeks for the next ultrasound and maybe know if its a boy or a girl. the other reason is because I need fabric, mostly knits, that I can’t find in my home town: I want 100% cotton knits, I think polyester can wait a little before entering the life of my child. To find cotton knits (not even mentioning organic knits), I have to go to Paris or order online. So that will happen soon, I have found an online store selling beautiful knits for kids (and older ones), some of them are used in the Ottobre magazine (btw, Ottobre have an Etsy store I didn’t know about either!!! Told you, so many things to discover). For those of you who are in France, it’s TyFlorianBoutik. When I went through their website, I had visions of striped bright t-shirts!

Expecting a baby when you’re a knitter also means many many cute things to make in a relatively short time (makes me think I should start knitting the blanket I have planned). I have started a little after Christmas, I have booties already and am knitting cardigans (striped ones, I love stripes and it’s a great way to bust some stash) and a bright red alpaca hooded jacket. You’ll see all that appearing in the next few weeks.


For the crafty mums or aunts here, I’m wondering how many items of each size I should make? I’ve heard that I shouldn’t concentrate too much in newborn size (maybe 3 or 4 onesies, some socks, 2 jumpers or cardigans), but for the rest I don’t know! I want to take advantage of the time I have ahead – even if my maternity leave isn’t until the end of April, I might not have as much time to knit or sew once the baby is here. Again, advice and recommendations very welcomed!
Wow that was a long post, I hadn’t intended it to be so long, I got carried away apparently 🙂

FO : de la layette

Pour ma nièce par alliance, nĂ©e le 25 fĂ©vrier dernier, j’avais reçu en amont une commande de gilet pour bĂ©bĂ© en pure laine. Ma belle-soeur n’ayant pas trouvĂ© le dit gilet, elle a pensĂ© Ă  moi of course ! J’ai ressorti ce modèle Ă  rayures que j’avais dĂ©jĂ  tricotĂ© pour mon neveu : je l’aime bien, j’ai un faible pour les rayures. Mais pas question d’utiliser la laine indiquĂ©e sur le modèle : Pilou de Phildar, d’abord parce que ce n’est pas de la pure laine (il n’y en a mĂŞme que 13%) et parce que c’est bien trop Ă©lastique et je ne m’Ă©tais pas amusĂ©e Ă  tricoter avec. Je dois cependant avouer que le rendu un peu vaporeux Ă©tait sympa. Le choix s’est donc portĂ© sur de la MalmĂ©dy d’Annell, la seule laine superwash facilement accessible près de chez moi. Un bon choix finalement : très agrĂ©able Ă  tricoter et ils proposent beaucoup de couleurs.

A few weeks ago, my sister in law who was pregnant asked me if I could knit a cardigan for her little baby girl, because the hospital asked for a pure wool cardigan. I chose this pattern by Phildar that I had already knit three years ago for my nephew. I think it’s really cute with all its stripes, and it’s perfect for the baby as the two fronts wrap one over the other to keep the tummy warm! The yarn is Malmedy by Annell, it’s a good yarn and anyway I didn’t have much choice because it’s the only 100% superwash wool available in the yarn shops close to where I live.

Cette jolie petite brassière porte le doux nom de brassière Pilou 01A, du catalogue Tricotez Câlin n° 2, automne/hiver 2008/2009. Pour aller avec, une paire de petits chaussons avec le reste de Malmédy, issus du même catalogue.

  • Laine / Yarn : Annell MalmĂ©dy, 1 pelote de gris et 1 pelote de blanc
  • Aiguilles / Needles : 3.5 mm, 4 mm

FO : Sheldon

Entre deux projets de longue haleine (en noir le pull Thermal de Laura Chau et en gris la Ten Stitch Blanket de Frankie Brown) m’est venue l’envie de finir quelque chose, sans avoir Ă  attendre des semaines.

Between two long lasting projects (Thermal pullover by Laura Chau and Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown), I wanted to finish something at last. 

Voici donc le petit Sheldon ! L’idĂ©e de faire ce modèle m’est venue en regardant un Ă©nième Ă©pisode des Experts cette semaine – mardi je crois – dans lequel il y a un monsieur qui s’appelle Sheldon. A chaque fois qu’apparaĂ®t ce personnage, je dis Ă  M. Bouton : ” Ce n’est pas possible, Sheldon est une tortue”.

So here’s little Sheldon! The idea came from the CSI series, in Manhattan, where one of the characters is called Sheldon. I always say to Mr. Bouton that he can’t be Sheldon, because Sheldon is a little turtle. 

J’ai donc chassĂ© la pelote (pas tellement de vert dans mon stock et en tous cas pas deux verts) alors je me suis rabattue sur deux couleurs non rĂ©glementaires.
C’est un modèle assez facile, oĂą on passe son temps Ă  compter. Le seul petit passage une peu difficile pour mes mains a Ă©tĂ© la bordure en i-cord appliquĂ©e autour de la carapace, j’ai eu un peu mal aux mains. Et puis je dois racheter une aiguille circulaire en 2.75 mm, l’une des pointes est lĂ©gèrement abĂ®mĂ©e et gratte au bout, c’est atroce !

So I dived into my stash and couldn’t find green yarn as it’s not one of my favorite colours. Sheldon shall be black & blue. This pattern is easy to follow, as long as count (usual for toys); the only fiddly part was the applied i-cord border on the shell.

  • Modèle / Pattern : Sheldon de Ruth Homrighaus. Modèle gratuit publiĂ© dans Knitty – hiver 2006
  • Laine / Yarn : Annell Coton 8 pour le bleu et Phildar DĂ©tente pour le noir (je prĂ©fère de loin le coton Annell, celui de Phildar n’arrĂŞte pas de se dĂ©doubler)
  • Aiguilles / Needles : 2.75 mm

Et pour varier un peu, il y a plein de costumes disponibles pour le petit Sheldon (policier, super-héros, etc.) !


il y a comme une thĂ©matique verte en ce moment – qui ne me ressemble pas. Deux projets tricots verts, une teinture en vert, et mĂŞme un vĂŞtement vert issu des soldes. Je suis en pleine transformation !! Je ne sais pas pour quelle raison je n’ai jamais accrochĂ© sur cette couleur… La trentaine me travaille 🙂

I’m crafting green at the moment : knitting, dyeing and even clothes. This is very new to me, I must have owned a maximum of 3 garments in green in the last 20 years. 
Voici le premier des tricoverts (pour le deuxième, je pense qu’il va falloir attendre un peu) : Ribbit (une fois n’est pas coutume, ce n’est pas un lien Ravelry)
je viens juste de tomber sur le modèle, il m’a tout de suite tapĂ© dans l’oeil ! il est crĂ©Ă© par Susan B Anderson, la crĂ©atrice des livres “Itty-Bitty”. 
J’aime beaucoup le rĂ©sultat final, mais Ă  mon goĂ»t il y a bien trop de couture : 1 corps, 1 tĂŞte, 4 pattes et 12 orteils Ă  assembler… On aurait peut-ĂŞtre pu faire plus simple. Mais la tĂŞte et les mains sont vraiment très mignons et montrent une grande originalitĂ©. Normalement on remplit le corps avec une balle de tennis pour obtenir une grenouille bondissante !
This is a very cute pattern I’ve just come across, created by Susan B Anderson. Too much seaming, but the result is so cute that you quickly forget you have to seam 18 pieces together. In the original pattern, you are supposed to insert a tennis ball for the body, so you can have a boucing frog !
Et côté tour de Fleece, voici à droite (la bleue), ma pelote de BFL-soie, teinte par mes soins ce weekend. Je suis très fière de moi 🙂 Et une pelote de laine blanche commerciale, teinte en verte. La boucle est bouclée !
here is my dyeing of this weekend, the green one is commercial yarn, the blue one is my handspun BFL-silk blend. I am very proud !!