Sewing for grown-ups / Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

Pattern: Lucette wrap top & Erell kimono top – Coudre le Stretch by Marie Poisson

Size : 44 and 46

Fabric : white jersey knit and teal jersey knit, both from Tia Knight on eBay

To change a little from the recent Anglo-saxon series of sewing patterns, here is the Lucette wrap knit top! When making my Miette skirt, I realised I needed a simple top that didn’t flare so much. This simple one comes from the French book Coudre le Stretch byMarie Poisson.

This book contains a wealth of information on knits, from a brief history to all you need to know about necklines! Each pattern is presented in many combinations based on sleeve length, body length, neckline shapes, etc. Oh, I forgot to say that the patterns in this book are only for the top part of the body: no pants or skirts.

For this particular version, I chose short sleeves, without waistband or gathers. I chose size 44 for the bust and waist and graded to a 46 for the hips. My fabric is a very simple white jersey, with just a little bit of spandex in it.

The downside with having so many combinations is that you have to manipulate the pattern sheet a lot to find everything you need. I added a 98 cm long and 4.5 cm wide band for the front and neck facing. This is something I absolutely loathe doing! If only habberdasheries could sell knit bands like they sell bias binding, I would totally buy them 🙂



People seem to like this top, judging from the many nice comments I’ve had. Maybe people I hang out with are not so happy with prints? Or maybe it’s the wrap aspect that they liked 🙂 I hope so, because I don’t plan to sew exclusively white for the rest of my sewing career!

A few months prior to this (nearly 9 months, hum), when the book was published, I sewed the Erell kimono top. I had chosen this pattern because of its simplicity: only two pattern pieces! It was a good way to evaluate the quality of the instructions and the pattern drafting of Marie Poisson.

Even though, it’s not the kind of top I wear to work, I’m very happy to have it at the weekend and it’s been in regular rotation since! The neckline is rather wide and that looks nice when you’re standing up. However, when you bend down, it’s very revealing 🙂

I didn’t take notes with this one but I think I chose a size 46


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