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Knitting for grown-ups / Monday, June 12th, 2017

Hey I’m back! I told you I would try to make an effort and come back more regularly, so here I am! However I haven’t set any rules about the order of posts, so there will be knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, etc, in no specific order and when it suits me, because, after all, this is my little space 😉

seed stitch raglan sleeve jumper

So here is the raglan seed stitch I was talking about and which has taken up all my knitting time in the last few months! The inspiration came from one of my colleagues, Anne-Lise, she had the most beautiful jumper in a mustard colour and I had to have it. So I took advantage of needle show in Paris (l’Aiguille en Fête) in February and bought 8 balls of Drops Alpaca. The colour isn’t exactly what I had in mind, I wanted more of a mustard but this one is probably a little more bright and cheerful.

seed stitch raglan sleeve jumper

So I had the yarn, but what about the pattern? A simple raglan jumper isn’t very hard to conceive once you know the height of the armhole (20-21 cm for me) and the circumference at the neckline. Add a gauge swatch, some multiplications and voilà! You have a pattern 🙂 To help me with the neckline, I used the dimensions from the Genevieve Pullover by Cecily Glowik McDonald. I’ve bought this pattern eons ago, but still haven’t knitted it.

The body is knit with 3.5 mm needles and the ribbing in 3.25 mm, except for the left sleeve because I forgot to change my needles, as happens very often. Is it just me??

I hadn’t originally planned to do anything with the neckline but I realized after a couple of cm that it would stretch too much if I left it as it was. I then proceeded to pick up some stitches and knit a few rows of 2/2 ribbing. I still have to add a little something to be able to distinguish between front and back because there is absolutely no difference since I didn’t knit short rows at the back. I might add a handmade label 😉

seed stitch raglan sleeve jumper

seed stitch raglan sleeve jumper

Result: I love this jumper! And the good thing with knitting a well-known yarn is that I know it will last very long! I still have a jumper made from this yarn that was knitted in 2008 and it’s as nice as new 🙂
The yellow/orange colour is very bright, the sleeves are the perfect length – but I should have done something for the swayback. Most of all, I love seed stitch, even if it takes ages to knit!

Do you like seed stitch?


Pattern: my own, with the neckline from the Genevieve Pullover by Cecily Glowik McDonald /// Yarn: Drops Alpaca, colour 2923 /// Needles: 3.5 mm for the body and 3.25 mm for the ribbing

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