[sewing] Ottobre 1/2013 #13, school blouse

Sewing for little ones / Sunday, August 21st, 2016

My little baby is growing! I’m nearly more excited than her at the prospect of her going to school! I’ve always loved school and I hope it will be the same for her 🙂

Along with all the papers and forms we had to sign was a list of things to bring for the coming year. Since the kids are only 3 years old, it’s still a lot of “baby stuff”: handkerchiefs, wipes, etc. She won’t be allowed to have a pacifier at school so she might find it a little difficult to nap without it. In this list, the staff was also asking for a kind of apron made of fabric. I had a never heard of it, when I was a kid I never had to wear this kind of protective blouse. I really wanted to sew this one for my daughter, especially since I haven’t sewn much for her recently.

I didn’t really know what the requirements were for this blouse, so I had a little look around on the internet. Here is what I came up with: it needs to be rather large and long (non restrictive), have elasticated cuffs and if possible should close at the back with snaps so that the teacher doesn’t spend the whole afternoon closing the kids’ blouses. The next step was to browse through my Ottobre magazines (I’ve had three years of subscription) and find something appropriate. I think pattern number 13 of 2013/1 ticks all the boxes! It looked like not many modifications were necessary: I simply had to lengthen the sleeves and use the heart-shaped pocket from the next pattern.


All the fabric used comes exclusively from the stash and I’m very proud about this. The grey fabric was originally used for a skirt but is so stiff the skirt didn’t hang very well. The print cotton comes from Catherine’s stash and has already been used for a hat and a rabbit skirt last year.


These little pockets were quite annoying to sew, I’m not sure I’ll make them next time! But I think they give a nice touch of colour on this grey ensemble. The KAM snaps also come from my stash and I’ll need to buy some more very soon.


Since the picture was taken, I have put the snaps on 🙂

In the magazine, the blouse is in gingham fabric, which is why – I think – the top bodice pieces are on the bias. If not for this reason, I don’t really see why the pattern makers would have done this.

I really enjoyed chosing the pattern and the fabric for this project, as well as sewing it. My little one really likes it too so I hope the teacher finds it convenient 🙂

I wish you all a nice back-to-school period!



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