[podcast] yeah for Episode 1!

Podcast / Thursday, April 14th, 2016

I’m thrilled today to be broadcasting my first ever video podcast! I’ve been thinking about creating my own video podcast for a long time now and finally jumped into it. I knew next to nothing about video recording and editing but thanks to online research, youtube tutorials and the help of other poscasters, I did it! 🙂

Sorry for all the wiggling: I really need to stop moving my arms and shoulders like this when I’m recording 🙂 I’m not happy with the quality of the image and sound, so I’ve upgraded to a new camera and depending on the results, I might also invest in a little microphone. Please do send comments and feedback, I hope you enjoy it!

1/12/2016 edit: sorry but since posting this, Steph C from the Cake Patterns and 3 hours past the edge of the world seems to have closed her websites

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  1. I really enjoyed this, Sophie! I left you a comment on YouTube also, but just wanted to say here that I didn’t realize you were in northern France. For some reason I had you situated in the center (Clermont-Ferrand area). When I was in college I spent 6 months at the University of Caen. 🙂 Sadly, my French isn’t great anymore, but I have been trying to only read the French versions you post lately for practice.

    Looking forward to your next episode!

    1. oh Caen? that’s very close to where I grew up 🙂 I’m planning to record a video poscast in French too, so you’ll be able to practice even more ;’)

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