[knitting] FO: Millisande

Sewing for grown-ups / Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Finally finished! Phew, that took ages… I started this jumper last August, hoping I could finish it in time for winter. Alas, it didn’t go according to the plan. Firstly because there are lots and lots and lots of cables, and no stockinette portion to rest your hands and brain. Secondly because I ran out of yarn when I only had about 10% of the knitting left (top part of the left front and collar). I had to purchase more yarn, secretly hoping the difference in dye wouldn’t show too much. Yes, because I didn’t tell you that this yarn has been sitting (or lounging) in my stash for four years now – so I had absolutely no hope that I could find the same dye lot. ah and back in 2012 when I ordered this yarn, for some reason it took more than 2 months (!) to reach my home. No way would I buy from the same shop.. 




I then crossed my fingers and lo and behold, the colour is really really close and I don’t think anyone can see the difference. However, the new yarn felt much thinner than the original one. I checked my ball bands to see if I had mistakenly ordered another yarn but no. The label design had been updated, but it was still my Drops Lima. Let’s have a closer check: nope, it’s not exactly the same. In the meantime Drops has apparently decided to change the yardage of the yarn. The difference is huge: it goes from 90 m (98 yds) for the old version to 100 m (109 yds) for the new version. I can assure you that you feel the difference! 




Thankfully, I can’t really see the difference in colour or thickness – but I promise I’ll try to use up my stash before the next century – or at least try to pick patterns with the right amount of yarn 🙂


  • pattern: Millisande – Ann McCauley published in Brooklyn Tweed Wool People vol. 8
  • yarn: Drops Lima colour 7810 – 17 balls


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  1. It’s a work of art! I’m glad it all worked out for you with the differing yarns. I’ve had similar things happen to me, and now I try to knit a design up in a timely manner so I don’t run into trouble!

    1. thank you Gail! nothing compared to your Alice Starmore sweaters 🙂 this sounds like a very reasonable tip, I do try not to let my stash linger too long, but I usually fail (same for the fabric stash I’m afraid)

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