[sewing] Octobre Blazer Sew-Along with Gail – part 1

Sewing for grown-ups / Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

I’ve been wanting to do a proper blazer for a couple of years now, I enrolled on the Craftsy class about tailoring and received the pattern that goes with it (Butterick 4610) more than a year ago. Last August, I finally traced the pattern pieces and made a muslin but that was it. I think I was too scared to start it so it was just lying there in the cupboard where I leave all my UFOs?

And then Gail announced that Octobre was Blazer Month and she was hosting a sew-along where she specifically talks about machien tailoring. I hadn’t heard about machine tailoring before, so I’m thrilled to see there is a line between classic hand tailoring and plain fusible interfacing. She has already published many detailed post – it’s a huge job! so if you want to start a blazer but you’re a little worried about the process, now’s the time to start!

Adding the muslin stays
Adding the muslin stays

Thankfully my muslin for Butterick 4610 showed no major fitting issues and the only modification I made was to (as usual) grade a size up from the waist to the hip. The shoulders still look a little wide, but the pattern calls for shoulder pads so I think they will make a difference. If not, then tough, it’s only my first proper blazer.

My outer fabric is a wool blend, some kind of twill weaving which show fine stripes of red and yellowy-orange. My husband did not sound enhusiastic about the colour 🙂 I haven’t chosen my lining fabric yet, but Gail said that she cuts it at the very last moment so I still have some time to go and buy some nice fabric.

So far, I’ve cut the outer fabric, and the reinforcements in muslin and in a heavier and very stable woven stash fabric as I didn’t have hair canvas. As this fabric has absolutely no mechanical give, it should do the job. I have also basted my muslin stays to the outer fabric. The next step is to do the machine tailoring on the under collar. I do all these steps in small bites, my daughter is getting better at letting me sew whilst she’s awake, but there’s always something to do to help her, dress her doll, bring her to the toilet, etc. I don’t think in the end I’ll  be able to say how long it takes, because it will probably be about 4698 times 10 minutes!

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  1. Your fabric is lovely! Honestly, I think 4698 x 10 minutes is a great way to approach a project like this, whether you have a little one vying for your time or not! Making a blazer takes a fair amount of time no matter what, so I always think it’s best to just sit back and enjoy the process rather than trying to rush through 🙂

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