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Sewing for grown-ups / Thursday, February 5th, 2015

For Christmas, I treated myself to a Craftsy course on bra sewing with Beverly Johnson; I’ve started watching the videos and I’m very happy so far, it’s really interesting. I’m hoping to start as soon as I can gather appropriate materials. Do you know good online shops in Europe for underwear fabrics and notions? In the meantime I decided to keep sewing underwear and used a pattern traced on well-fitting undies.





I used different types of knit, with different stretch and of course, results are quite different. But I think the main difference comes form the type of elastic used. For the blue/grey, I used picot elastic and regular fold-over elastic for the pink/black. Clearly fold-over elastic is less stretchy than picot elastic. This left me wondering how much stretch I was supposed to have.



Then Amy’s article on lingerie elastic popped up in my reader, and as usual this smart lady answers all my questions! To make it short, you’re supposed to keep around 5% reduction and not use 3-step zigzag stitch on every single seam. Which is sad, because I like the look of the 3-step zigzag stitch :/

For now, I’m going to keep watching the bra sewing videos and if you know of good online shops for this type of fabric, please share!

See you soon!


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  1. Tu connais sans doute, mais au cas où: pour les petites fournitures, il y a Elza tissu à Luingnes, tout près de la frontière belge. Les arrivages de tissus sont très variables, mais il y a toujours toutes sortes de petits aceessoires pour la lingerie (anneaux, coulisses à bretelles, armatures, élastiques à lingerie, laminette,…) à prix défiant toute concurrence.
    D’ailleurs il faut que j’y fasse un tour: seamwork de février contient un patron de culotte + soutif 🙂

    1. Ah non je ne connaissais pas ! Encore un lieu de perdition 🙂
      Et oui on dirait que le dernier numéro de Seamwork tombe à pic ! Je ne pense pas que je ferai le soutif, j’ai peur que ça ne tienne pas beaucoup, mais j’ai déjà commencé à lire avec intérêt les articles

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