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As promised last time, I’m back with some knitting. Recently I’ve been showing mostly sewing but my first true love is still knitting 🙂 I had to stop playing with my needles for 2 months last spring because of tendinitis and it was hard! I didn’t know what to do with my hands in front of the tv. So Anne and Saki, I totally understand what you’re going through! Just like Saki I have a great physiotherapist who is doing wonders.

Terpander - Melissa Morgan-Oakes
Terpander – Melissa Morgan-Oakes



I’ve finished my maternity socks, Terpander by Melissa Morgan-Oakes, from the book Sock Knitting Master Class. I really like this book and have already made the Stealth Argyles, the Pussy Willow Stockings and the Asymmetrical Cables. I love the last two but not the Stealth Argyles as the knitting is not tight enough. As a result, the socks slip down the calf all the time, it’s very annoying and I finally gave them away. I did use the yarn called for in the pattern and my gauge was perfect. Oh well..

I called them maternity socks because I had started them in May 2013, hoping I could knit during my stay at the maternity. Ha ha ha. I was so naive. Considering my food was always cold when I finally managed to sit on my bed and eat during the 4 days I spent there, there was no way I could knit even one stitch.. So if I ever have a second baby, I won’t bother bringing my knitting bag with me. Some can knit before the big moment, I couldn’t even breathe properly!

I’ve enjoyed wearing these socks, they’re knit in Regia 4-ply, a yarn I bought in 2011 somewhere in Limousin. Of course the cables do require some attention but that’s what’s interesting about this pattern: there’s always something going on!

I’ve also finished this little cardigan for poulette: the pattern is Eole by Nadia CrĂ©tin-LĂ©chenne. I find it really cute with the windmill increases and the i-cord border. It’s been finished for months now, I only have snaps to sew, but it was way too big so I wasn’t in a hury. I should get a move on though otherwise it’s going to be too small by the time I finally sew those snaps 🙂 I knitted a size 18 mo and my poulette is 17 mo next week.


Eole - Nadia Crétin-Léchenne
Eole – Nadia CrĂ©tin-LĂ©chenne

For her I’ve also started a new version of La Petite by Rebecca Newman, the previous one is too small by now of course. For the winter version I’m using two strands of Drops Alpaca. I had 5 balls left from my Gwendolyn cardigan. I don’t know if I’m knitting the long sleeves or not. I initially wanted to sew a sleeveless jumper – aka a vest – but all the patterns I found were very masculine. So I thought I might do this one with short sleeves, but now I’m not sure anymore.

La Petite - Rebecca Newman
La Petite – Rebecca Newman

On the needles for me is Port o’Leith by Kate Davies, with Jamieson’s and Smith Aran. I’ve already knitted the big collar and started the gansey but I ran out of yarn and I need to order at least 3 balls.

Port o'Leith - Kate Davies
Port o’Leith – Kate Davies

So whilst waiting for my yarn I started the Devlan jumper by Bristol Ivy published in Wool People 7. It’s our KAL for this winter, a special KAL because each one will be knitting a different pattern 🙂

Devlan - Bristol Ivy
Devlan – Bristol Ivy


My needles are on fire at the moment! Next time there will be a little sewing for poulette and if all goes well, some for me too. What about you? Does autumn make you want to pull needles and yarn out of the knitting basket?

See you soon!


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  1. Bigre, voilĂ  une sacrĂ©e mise Ă  jour !! Pour rĂ©pondre Ă  ta question, mes aiguilles ne chĂ´ment pas non plus, elles sont actuellement sur le 4ème pull de mon chĂ©ri. J’avais raflĂ© un gros stock de QuiĂ©tude avant rupture complète des stocks. Et comme Ă  part tricoter, mes dix doigts ne savent rien faire, les projets s’accumulent !

  2. Bonjour,
    Je suis en train de tricoter le pull Devlan et je suis en difficultĂ©. Pouvez-vous me venir en aide? Je suis sure que je bloque sur un dĂ©tail mais je n’arrive pas Ă  savoir oĂą.

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