[sewing] [knitting] Petite Pullover & Pyjamas

Knitting for little ones, Sewing for little ones / Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Some sewing and some knitting for my little one: first La Petite which is a simple top down pullover mixing yoke increases and a raglan part. I didn’t do stripes but went for a very bright green, which is a colour that suits my daughter’s complexion.


La Petite Pullover: colour is much brighter that this..

I used Annell Miami yarn which is an inexpensive cotton/acrylic blend that I really like. It’s a joy to knit, it goes in the washing machine, there are plenty of colours and it wears very well. Perfect for my dribbling baby or when she eats bread! I don’t exactly remember how you’re supposed to finished the hem and cuffs, but I didn’t want to do a garter stitch border or ribbing. I had planned to do a hem to be sewn to the inside, but as you can see, I never did and just left it as it is! I quite like this look, plus it’s the lazy way 🙂

The pattern is very clear, instructions are precise and bonus: they are given for two different weights of yarn. The sizes range from 6 months to 10 years, it’s really worth the 5.5 USD. There will be more versions of this in the next couple of years.. I will try to add a picture of her wearing it.

For my next make, you won’t see any picture because it’s two pairs of pyjamas required by the nursery and they’re staying there. They recently asked us to provide pyjama pants so that in case of an emergency evacuation if the babies are sleeping, they don’t end up only wearing onesies in the street. I’d rather not think about this happening… Anyway, my little baby is now the proud owner of beautiful handmade pyjamas with dots. The fabric comes from TyFlorian Boutik and the pattern is from one of the most recent Ottobre magazines (#9 from issue 1/2014). It’s supposed to be doubled, but I only used one layer of fabric. It’s already rather warm in the nursery and they wear sleep sacks anyway.

Ottobre 1/2014 pattern #9

You couldn’t find an easier pattern and I did both in less than two hours, including the tracing of the pattern. I went for a 72 cm size (she’s 69 now) and I quickly checked the fit before giving them to the nursery. I added a sewn in little label with the size and her initials. I forgot to take a picture of the label, silly me! but I think it’s something I’ll do again, it will help me remember which size I did.

Sans titre-1
Ottobre 1/2014 pattern #9

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    1. actually I do! it’s nice to get to sew very different fabric, though there’s always elastic bands on kids clothes and I’m not too fond of that. As for knitting, it’s so quick when they’re still babies..

  1. Bravo pour toutes ces créations !

    … Et comme je n’ai pas encore eu l’occasion de le faire… Félicitations !! Je ne sais pourquoi feedly ne me donnait plus de notifications de màj de ton blog, d’où ce long, très long hiatus dans ma venue ici… C’est grâce à Twitter que j’ai retrouvé le fil 😉 Je suis gênée et déçue d’avoir manqué tout cet épisode…
    Nous voilà donc un point commun en plus, une poulette pour qui coudre et tricoter (mais dont la présence nous rend l’exercice sacrément plus ardu qu’avant 😉 ) 🙂

  2. Des remarques… je ne vois pas de quoi tu parles !! :-p tout cela manque un peu de rayures… c’est vrai que le vert lui va bien à ta puce. C’est marrant comme demande de ta crèche… ils sont beaux ces petits pantalons de pyj à pois, bravo !

  3. j’adore ton pull (c’est celui de la photo FB?)
    ils sont jolis aussi tes bas de pyj…. euh c’est un petit gabarit ta puce ? faut dire qu’avec mes monstres…. mathilde a tellement de grosses cuisses que le 18 mois devient difficile à enfiler….
    si ca brule à l

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