[sewing] Stash Diet 2014

Sewing for grown-ups, Sewing for little ones / Sunday, January 5th, 2014

I’m in! Gail and Andrea have just given me the incentive to reduce my stash – or at least try to work from it. I need to do this because when I plan a new garment, I’m not turning to my stash first, which is why it is slowly getting bigger. Bigger and lonelier. Soooo, good resolutions for the new year, I need to do something about my stash!

Here it is, well nearly all of it:

fabric stash
Sorry it’s blurry, it’s all dark and gloomy out there, it’s January!

I have some more hidden elsewhere. But I consider this as beeing my stash because it has not been touched recently and is old enough that I managed to to a big inventory of it all last year and it has not moved.

So here are my goals for Stash Diet:

1. Make an effort to use stash fabric. I’m not going to set numbers, because I haven’t checked whether said fabrics are suitable for projects. A lot of these fabrics have been bought when I was a total beginner, they were dead cheap and I thought it was a bargain. Tsss, live and learn.

2. If it can’t be used per se, try to use fabric for muslins. Muslins don’t always have to be off-white, as you can see from the wonderfully ugly muslin I made for my Minoru Jacket.

3. If I fail at 1. and 2. then donate! Let’s try to give this fabric a new home where they might be loved, or at least recycled!


I’m looking forward to what others will be doing with their stash, and hope that great ideas for using this stash pop up!

Maybe I should be doing something about the yarn stash:

Yes, all these boxes are full of yarn
Yes, all these boxes are full of yarn

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  1. Sounds like an excellent plan! Your stash is packed away so beautifully, it looks really neat and tidy. 🙂
    I’m trying to reduce my stash by even more again this year too. 🙂

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