[sewing] Nursing cushion cover

Sewing for grown-ups, Sewing for little ones / Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Do you recognise this fabric? Yes it’s the one from my latest tee. I had some left over and I didn’t want to use it again for another tee, and when cutting my fabric I discovered that it had some stains on, maybe due to some bleach. But I still had some length and I wanted to use it for something that would make me smile.


My sister-in-law has kindly lent to me her nursing cushion, and I felt the need to make it a little more personal. The original cover of the cushion is a clear blue fabric not very interesting. With this new striped fabric I made the cushion a little more to my taste. And I must say it makes me smile!
It was rather easy to make: I just draped the fabric over the cushion and marked the seams with a chalk. Then I cut four times the same piece making sure to align the stripes.
The main question was how to close the cover, as it has to be removable to be washed. I’m not entirely happy with the solution I chose, but I wasn’t going to place a zipper on stretchy fabric! My original plan was to use snaps but it didn’t work, so I just zigzagged the opening, this will make it easier to see the seam later on!


This is a rather easy sewing, a bit like making trousers with the waistband closed.
Just after completion, I tried it. Not for nursing of course, but to take a little nap and I must say it is very comfortable…



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