[knitting] Bonnet du Korrigan

Knitting for little ones / Saturday, February 16th, 2013

Seems like I’ve only been knitting small things recently! this little cabled hat is for a little girl born a few weeks ago, I hope it will keep her head warm until the spring arrives.

The pattern is Bonnet du Korrigan by Solenn Couix-Loarer – it’s available both in French and English. She has designed a whole series around this Korrigan cable theme and I’m currently knitting all of them: a cardigan (finished but needs some buttons) and a blanket (that’s a much longer term project).


Bonnet Korrigan
Bonnet Korrigan


The yarn is a fingering weight: Cascade Heritage – leftover from my own Gavotte sweater and I had enough to make this hat and the cardigan. It’s a very cute pattern and a quick make: a little less than 4 hrs in all. This hat pattern is available in all sizes from small baby to adult with different yarn options. So give it a try!

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  1. j’avais aussi repere ces modeles mais finalement j’ai opté pour un modele gratuit pour la couverture… tu connais le sexe ?
    bonne soirée

  2. Ah j’adore ce modèle (ou plutôt cette série de modèles)… Une valeur sûre, il fait mouche à tous les coups !!! je me suis lancée moi aussi dans ces modèles pour des amis. Ils sont d’ailleurs bien pratiques, puisqu’ils conviennent aussi bien à un ptit gars qu’à une demoiselle…. Et ce jeu de torsades, je ne m’en lasse pas !

  3. I made my girls a little cabled hat in obligatory pink. It wasn’t as flash as this one though and I love the blue.

    BTW I’ve nominate you for a One Lovely Blog / Beautiful Blog Award. I hope you don’t mind! 🙂

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