[sewing] Tiramisu Dress – Cake Patterns

Sewing for grown-ups / Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Here it is! I received the pattern some weeks ago, but with Christmas coming along, I didn’t have the time to open the enveloppe. Now that everything is winding down a little and everything going back to a certain routine, sewing time is available. Let me tell you: this is a great dress! The combination of the pattern and the knit fabric manages to make it comfortable, elegant and feminine at the same time – win!

I finally have a little black dress – ma première petite robe noire

I made it in black polyester crepe knit, ordered from TiaKnight’s shop on ebay – probably not the fabric I would have chosen had I access to knit fabrics made of natural fibers. Crepe weaving is great for a matte finish, I wasn’t too keen on having a shiny dress 🙂

Pockets! Full skirt! And the obligatory bending-down-shot-showing-no-breasts

I was intrigued by the way StephC wants you to choose your bodice size, and the increments of 5″: this was worrying me a little. And really it shouldn’t have because it makes a lot of sense! I initially chose a 35″ D bust (absolutely nothing to do with your bra size, but the result of the difference between high bust and full bust) and made a muslinof the bodice out of a similar fabric. It ended up being too big and I had too much fabric on each side under my bust – not a very flattering look! So for my second version I traced the B cup and it’s perfect: not too tight and not too loose.

Chosing the size of the midriff section couldn’t be easier: you just use your waist measurement! So despite a different presentation  from the “usual” patterns, chosing your size and customizing it is so much easier than with other pattern companies. And the result is a great fit, you can judge by yourself. I love the way Steph and her team have made the instructions very clear and charmingly illustrated: there are little icons telling you when to baste, sew, press or finish your seams – clever…

As for the overall look, I was also worried that it wouldn’t be “me”: a full skirt? with the size of my hips? seriously? But I love the result! You can move so freely in this dress, it’s amazing! Just take a look at all the things you can do in this dress by checking this photo of StephC rescuing a cat. So if you haven’t yet, buy this pattern (it’s available here on Etsy) and sew this dress. You will have the added bonus of supporting a growing indie pattern company! I should also mention that StephC is organizing a sewalong based on 30 minutes a day and it’s starting on tuesday 8th, only 2 days left before it starts..

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  1. Sophie, you made such a chic and pretty Tiramisu! I love it on you, and I’m so glad you like the fuller skirt. 🙂 There’s something so satisfying about full skirt + pockets. Le siiiiigh. 🙂

    Now I want a black one..

    1. thanks!! Apparently Cake patterns will always be with pockets! very clever, it saves me from having to insert them by myself – not so much trouble, but let’s be lazy!
      I hope to be able to wear it a lot, though probably not in the direct sun, with all this black..

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