[embroidery] Sashiko again

Other crafty stuff / Friday, December 7th, 2012

Even if my sewing has slowed down a little the last few weeks I still have plenty of things to show you, but not yet. I also would like to share with you my findings at the latest fabric festival (Stoffenspektakel !) that we attended last weekend. I went with my two friends Lucy and Catherine and we spent a little money and had a great time together fondling the fabrics. We also bought some notions and and helped Lucy find some basic equipment as she’s starting to sew. It’s wonderful to have a new addict with us !
But now I have another kind of work in progress to show you. A few months ago I shared my first attempt at Sashiko and in the meantime I have thought about something easy I could stitch for training. Of course it had to be a knitting bag. I chose three different patterns and organise them in panels, I have nearly finished the second one. I’m planning to make a very basic knitting bag: a simple rectangle with handles. I’m not working on it very regularly so I don’t know when it will be finished. I think I treat embroidery and Sashiko as I do spinning: it’s an occasional activity that I sometimes feel the urge to do (I haven’t touched my spinning wheel in months now).

I really love the simple lines of Sachiko as well as the two contrasting colours. One day maybe I will be brave or patient enough to make a bedspread (or do you say bedcover?)


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